We want to share the following letter which we have received from Lene Fornino, who sang the National Anthem at our Annual Conservative Dinner on 25Oct2018.


I had such an incredible night tonight at the Ulster County Conservative Party Dinner.  I met and reintroduced myself to many wonderful people who weren’t just politicians, but were everyday people like me and you.  After the honor of singing our National Anthem, I asked many candidates if I could get a picture with them to support them on social media and to help support me.  As a Conservative young woman, it is difficult to voice out my opinions in this day and age.  I feel like my voice will never be heard.  Tonight, however, I felt included like I wasn’t the only one.  These fellow men and women are our voices.  Betty and Harold have been life long Conservatives, together serving over 180 years and I hope to serve and devote my life to the Conservative Party for my whole life as well.  It is a shame to see the civil war going on between parties, but no matter what, we have to fight for what is right.  The United States Constitution has kept our country strong for well over 200 years.  If it has kept us that strong for that long, then we should keep it that way.  We are the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave. I’ve never been prouder to be an American!  God Bless!


A special thanks to Congressman John Faso, Judge William McCarthy, Senator Jim Seward, Senator George Amedore, Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum, My  Family, and of course The Conservative Party.  Thank you again for having me sing the National Anthem.  I had a wonderful time and you did a great job setting the dinner up!  Thank you!

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