American Conservative Union

National conservative organization.  Does ratings of congress.


American Petroleum Institute

Facts about energy issues.


Club for Growth

Promotes a high growth economy through limited government

And freedom.


Continental Resources

A company making the world a better place through fracking.



Organization which promotes free markets and individual liberty.


Heritage Foundation

Conservative think tank.  Well researched conservative take on many issues.


Hillsdale College

Teaches conservative values.  Takes no money from Feds, so doesn’t have to abide by Fed rules.


Human Events

Conservative news site.


Judicial Watch

Promotes ethics and morality in government.  Promotes integrity of elections.


National Review

Conservative news site.


National Taxpayers Union

A 40 yr old organization dedicated to helping you keep what you earn.


New York State Conservative party


Right Bias

Conservative news site.


Ulster County Board of Elections


UlsterCounty Government