National level


1) Obamacare should be repealed.  It is cowardly of the Republicans, none of whom voted for Obamacare, to now vote to fund it.  Government was too big before this monstrosity was enacted by the Democrat Party.


2)  The federal government should stop spending trillions of dollars that it doesn’t have.  It is unsustainable, immoral, and will eventually lead to national bankruptcy.


3)  We call on congress to defend its right to legislate as defined in the Constitution.  The EPA should not be enforcing Cap and Trade, a law which was not passed by congress.  Likewise the congress should insist that laws which were passed by the congress be enforced, such as immigration laws.


4)  We commend the teaparty for standing up to reckless disregard of the Constitution which is currently taking place in Washington.


5)  It is deplorable that the core curriculum is now being forced on many school districts in the united states.  


6)  Education vouchers are a good thing.  This gives the parents some leverage in getting a quality education for their kids.


7)  We think the NEA should be trust busted.  Monopoly is never good.


8) Congress should investigate the many administration scandals which seem to be being swept under the rug.


9) It is deplorable that so many Americans pay no taxes.  We advocate changing the law so that all voters feel some pain when taxes are raised.  It will be very nice for politicians if a majority of voters feel no pain, because this will allow the politicians to raise taxes willy nilly and still get re-elected.  The end of this road is everyone on the dole, a truly unworthy objective.


10) The EPA is out of control and should be abolished.  It makes its own laws which it then enforces.  Bureaucrats who are not elected become dictators


11) Executive orders should be abolished.  Where is it written that such things are possible?  To the contrary, the Constitution says laws are made by the congress, not the Executive.


12) The effort by Cuomo and the state legislature to bypass the electoral college in 2016 by passing a law is deplorable and unconstitutional.  The procedure defined in the Constitution for changing the Constitution should be followed in this important matter.


State level


1)  Mandates, whereby a higher level of govt orders a lower level to do something that costs money, should be abolished.


2) The so called safe act should be repealed.


3) The state should get rid of the moratorium on fracking.


4) It is outrageous that other states tell welfare applicants how much more they would get in New York, and even worse, give them a one way ticket to New York.


5) New York should abandon common core.


6) A virtual charter school would work very well in New York, and ought to be implemented.


7) School vouchers should be approved in New York.